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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

The state of Maryland lives up to its motto “The Free State” with its relaxed laws requiring renter’s insurance. In fact, there aren’t any. Your landlord will likely require insurance as part of the agreement when signing a lease. As renting has become more common in Maryland—and the rest of the country—renters should be informed about what renter’s insurance can do to keep their possession safe. Even if it’s not enforced by law, the decision to protect your belongings with renter’s insurance is a smart choice.

Even if your landlord does not require renter’s insurance as a condition of your lease, having a policy in place to protect your belongings should the worst happen is a smart move. Renter’s insurance covers against liability for damages caused by an accident on the part of the renter. It might not seem like a lot but having to replace all of your possessions at once is a steep cost to face without the added benefit of renter’s insurance. Pohanka Insurance offers competitive renter’s insurance policies that will keep your valuables safe while not making a noticeable dent in your income.

Renter’s insurance is even more important if you find yourself on the wealthier side of Maryland’s equation—especially if you’re a long-term renter who has built a home out of your rental property. While you may have the assets and funds necessary to replace lost or damaged belongings, those items will naturally be worth more and harder to replace. Insuring your rental property keeps the risk down and offers the peace of mind that your goods are protected.

Pohanka Insurance offers renter’s insurance with a variety of coverage options that accommodate your needs as a Maryland renter. Stop into our offices or call us today to find out more about renter’s insurance.

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